About Faberg

FABERG Tour Experience is a pioneer company founded in 2005 by former Brazilian professional tennis player Fabio Silberberg.
Our objective is to offer the perfect combination for your dream trip: Sports excitement, incredible events and spectacular destinations.
Our packages are designed for individual clients, families and groups of friends that love to travel and enjoy sports and entertainment. We also offer various extraordinary products and services for corporations that are in search of the best incentive programs and networking options through sports and travel rewards.
When traveling with FABERG, every client is treated as unique. We are specialists in tailor made packages and we guarantee the best service and experience at major sports events around the world.


10 great reasons to travel with us

  1. We offer only the best tickets, VIP access and hospitality.

  2. We offer you a great experience no matter if you choose to buy one ticket or a full travel package. Our team is trained to take care of each client according to their needs and the investment they are willing to make.

  3. We offer the best travel itinerary with special benefits for each event and destination adding value to meet our clients’ dreams.

  4. We offer personalized host and concierge service for each major event.

  5. We are engaged with excellence, always looking to overcome our clients’ expectations.

  6. We make sure we understand our clients’ needs before offering the best solution.

  7. We invest in offering a rare and unique service so our clients can enjoy at its fullest each experience with comfort and safety.

  8. We offer tailor made itinerary to meet our clients’ budget and wishes.

  9. We offer a cancellation policy with the intention to minimize our clients’ losses like no other company in the market does.

  10. We are not a “ticket broker company”. We are a prestigious international company that offers a wide variety of benefits and advantages on all the services.

CONFIDE Certificate

The FABERG Tour Experience received the CONFIDE 2016 certificate that validates the company is trustworthy, showing capacity and qualification to meet the market's requirements. The Confide Consulting specializes in commercial, financial, restrictive and tax assessment of suppliers and customers worldwide level in order to assess the vulnerability of companies. Thus, FABERG Tour Experience shows be qualified to serve its customers with quality, reliability and safety, reducing risks and strengthening its trade relations.
This is another achievement of FABERG Tour Experience for the recognition of its efficiency, legitimizing its credibility to act in the national and international market as Operator and Travel Agency.


  • It was excellent, very organized and professionals committed to excellent service.

    Fabian Bonaldo Alves

  • The event is sensational, and the highlight is the visit to the pits with the possibility of finding drivers and follow the intense movement that precedes the race.

    Antonio Monteiro Junior

  • FABERG transforms trips in unbeatable experiences.

    José Salibi Neto

    São Paulo

  • If you play tennis, remember those rare days when everything goes right. The drive on the spot, winners, no double-faults. Emotional control and play, deep balls on the line, passing shots, backhand down the line, finally, one day you and your racket can do everything. The experience with FABERG is exactly that. I watched the US Open 2010 final and will remember this experience as one of the best and rarest of my life. Hard to forget and always good to relive.

    Ricardo Chester
    Creative Director of Advertising
    São Paulo

  • FABERG is for me a perfect example of the capacity of entrepreneurship in Brazil. Fabio loves tennis and he was able to transform his passion into very qualified and professional work. Our tennis trips that we have made in the last few years, always with the assistance of FABERG and accompanied by Fabio, were all spectacular and full of fun times, friendship and professionalism. FABERG always delivers a little bit more than we pay for.

    Nelson Sirotsky
    RBS Group
    Porto Alegre

  • The whole experience was FANTASTIC! Everything was very well organized. Our seats were great and enjoyed the hospitality suite very much. The staff took care of everything and made us feel like we were at home. This is the best way (only way for me from now on) to attend a major sport event. I give FABERG my highest recommendations. I can’t wait to do Wimbledon, US Open, Australia and many more with FABERG. 

    Victor Hugo Gonzalez Quintero

    Miami, Florida

  • It was an unforgettable and unique experience to be part of the FABERG team and to have met such special and wonderful people. I feel privileged for being part of it. A super thanks to Fabio and Lenka, they gave me all the support I needed. These days in Brussels/Lille were definitely the best ones in my life! Thank you from all my heart! 

    Thiago Souza (Final Copa Davis 2014)

  • We appreciate all FABERG staff for the high level of customer service and attention towards us. Everything was wonderful!

    Telma Mariano (Rio Open 2014)

  • I would like to congratulate FABERG for providing a high level of customer satisfaction, for giving us tennis lovers the opportunity to attend any event of the world circuit with the best quality and the staff treating us the best possible way. May you keep giving us joy, offering us great sports travel and taking us to the best tennis tournaments in the world. 

    Gustavo Pereira

  • It is a personalized customer service and everyone in FABERG carried out with great competence. Congratulations to you! 

    Conrado Waldvogel

  • FABERG demonstrated deep knowledge in terms of the product they sold us, capturing our full confidence for upcoming events. Congrats to all the staff!

    Wladimir Simone

  • It was an incredible experience for me and my daughter. Excellent matches, super comfortable venue, from the VIP parking lot, the best seats in the stadium to the restaurant of the Collectors Club. Besides, the staff is tuned all the time and looking after everyone so everything runs smoothly. To sum up, a spectacular trip in every sense. 

    Cecilia Russo

  • If you like high-level tennis and matching services to this taste, you cannot miss out the Miami Open with FABERG. A once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the best and cozy tournaments of the world. 

    Felipe Tinoco

  • I would like to thank you for your attention and for giving me the fulfillment of a dream!

    Bruno Silveira

  • When we travel with FABERG family, we feel among friends. It didn´t seem it was our first tour, we felt truly assisted at all times, including at those not included in the package. They are not only customer service professionals, but also trip fellows always concerned about your well-being and happiness. These things are priceless and it´s not in contract. When you buy a package with a travel agency, you only expect them to fulfill the contract. However, this trip surprised us and we realized if we want the best to follow our passion “tennis”, it has got to be with this group of FABERG friends. FABERG is awesome!

    Cesar & Edna Costa

  • In 2003 I went by myself to Roland-Garros and you have no idea of the difficulties I faced to get all the information and buy tickets. I used the FABERG services in Wimbledon and Roland-Garros this year and I am very happy and satisfied. Congratulations.

    Edeogeno Boé

  • It was excellent! Score 100! Everything was perfect! Recommend it to everyone!

    Celina Shibata

  • FABERG´s service was really good, mainly because we were with my dad and despite his locomotion difficulty, he was very well assisted by the staff. I appreciate you all for the hard work and I suggest you keep this level of customer service. 

    Fernando Fontoura

  • I would like to thank you for the attention and commitment so I could make my mom´s dream come true. You have no idea of how happy she was! We are thrilled with the customer service, care and attention provided to your customers. Everything was marvelous, flawless and the FABERG staff way of being enchanted us, the team is very helpful and dedicated. All I can think about is when it will be my next trip with FABERG. My mom is already planning as well. 

    Érika Prado (Rio Open 2014)

  • I want to congratulate FABERG for the professionalism and excellence in service. Really worthy to emphasize the readiness, preparedness and righteousness of the company and its employees. It is clear that the team is also very committed and has competence, which is rare in the organizations nowadays. Congratulations!

    Mateos Dias (Rio Open 2014)

  • I am a big fan of your work, congratulations to all! As always, great attention, respect and affection were received from all of your staff.

    Itamar Junior (Rio Open 2014)

  • Professionalism, respect, love, sports and event knowledge added to VIP treatment and sympathy. All of these together are the FABERG experience. Thanks to Fabio, Mr. Eugenio, Claudio, Lenka, Ana and Daniela. This is a week to remember. Congratulations FABERG!

    Cesar Silva (Miami Open 2014)

  • I found everything fantastic. The convenience is huge. Worth every penny.  What pleased me the most was everyone´s politeness and kindness, by e-mail, calls or in person. A very differentiated staff. I would only travel with you guys, everything went so perfect! Your team is reliable, committed, polite, kind. Perfect!

    Marta Beatriz de Araújo Rodrigues (Rio Open 2015)

  • I think it is a very neat and well executed model. The differential remains - to be assisted by people that care about your well-being, that learn quickly about each and every client and put into practice actions adhering to them. Each person is treated as one, regardless the group size. Awesome, congrats once again!  

    Jayro França (Rio Open 2015)

  • It was a great pleasure to be part of Miami Open with the FABERG service for the fourth consecutive year. This is a must see experience! FABERG offered us excellent package including hotel, transportation, and other personalized services. We were lucky to have bought the tickets with FABERG as we have lost them in the mall just few hours before the match and they were able to quickly reprint the tickets for us. We did not lose one minute of the game to the effectiveness of FABERG team. The services exceeded all our expectations. Congratulations and see you next year! 

    Angel Testa
    Business Owner
    São Paulo

  • Thanks to the kind attention of FABERG Team and I can only thank you for the eight wonderful days we spent at Roland-Garros. The people who were in the group, also very nice and polite. I will come back in 2015 for sure.

    Pedro Keleti

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