The American Football is number 1 sport in the United States and is growing globally each year.
The NFL (National Football League) controls a total of 32 teams. The league has the record of highest average attendance among all professional sports in the world, with over 67,000 people that fill out the beautiful and modern stadiums. 
The Super Bowl (championship final) is one of the largest, most amazing and well organized among all sporting events on the planet.

Season: Semptember - February

Faberg Packages


    February 7th to December 31st


    FABERG offers you the opportunity to be part of this incredible event that will take place in Tampa. Be part of the long-awaited Super Bowl LV.  


Personalized Packages

If you are interested in attending a specific NFL season game, create a package or a corporate event for your business partners, please contact us. We'll take care of all the details to make your experience unforgettable.


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