March 24th to April 4th, 2021

The Miami Open is one of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments on the professional circuit with the participation of the best tennis players in the world.
  • Florida is one of the most "open" states in the United States.
  • The Miami Open 2021 will take place with protocols for social distance and protection for all involved, so we are confident that the event will happen as scheduled with the security for our customers.
  • The stadium (central court) will not be used in this edition. We will offer tickets to the Grandstand (main court) and to Court 1 (second most important court).
  • There will be distance between the public on the courts that will receive the limit of 20% of their capacity. We have a limited number of seats.
  • We have a limited number of seats. 

If you live in Miami and region, don't miss this unbelievable opportunity to return to attend a big event and see up close the best tennis players in the world in action.



Seating Chart




Miami Open 2021
Choose your ticket. We have options located at the GRANDSTAND and COURT 1
In the GRANSDSTAND court you can buy tickets for day and/or night sessions.
COURT 1 offers only one session that is valid for the whole day.
These tickets only give access to the court you choose. No access will be possible to any other court inside the complex.
Payment by Credit Card

Prices in USD, per ticket, subject to change avaliability without prior notice. Schedule subject to change.

Included: parking passe (one per session for 2 people)



Date  Session / Time Round Grandstand Court 1
Monday, March 22 1: Day Qualifying $50.00 $50.00
Tuesday, March 23 2. Day Qualifying Men / 1st Round Women $95.00 $95.00
Wednesday, March 24 3. Day 1st Round Men / Women $250.00 $280.00
4. Night $225.00
Thursday, March 25 5. Day 1st Round Men / 2nd Round Women $150.00 $350.00
6. Night $200.00
Friday, March 26 7. Day 2st Round Men / Women $320.00 $200.00
8. Night $200.00
Saturday, March 27 9. Day 2nd Round Men / 3rd Round Women $550.00 $280.00
10. Night $300.00
Sunday, March 28 11. Day 3rd Round Men / Women $400.00 $300.00
12. Night $245.00
Monday, March 29 13. Day 3rd Round Men / 4th Round Women $250.00 $200.00
14. Night $200.00
Tuesday, March 30 15. Day 4th Round Men / Quarterfinals Women $300,00 $200.00
16. Night $300.00
Wednesday, March 31 17. Day Quarterfinals Men / Women $350.00 $200.00
18. Night $380.00
Thursday, April 01 19. Day Quarterfinals Men / Semifinals Women $400.00 $100.00
20. Night $470.00
Friday, April 02 21. Day Semifinals Men $600.00 xxxxxxxxx
22. Night $800.00
Saturday, April 03 23. Day Finals Women  $500.00 xxxxxxxxx
Sunday, April, 04 24. Day Finals Men $1,300.00 xxxxxxxxx


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Tropical climate, blue skies, beautiful beaches, gastronomy, nightlife, cool stores, shopping and more shopping. With its relaxed and festive atmosphere, Miami has become a major US tourist destination for Brazilian, Latin and North Americans.
This city is also an important finance, commerce, media, entertainment and sports center that provides an excellent quality of life for its inhabitants and a wonderful experience to its visitors.
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